Security is critical

We are working with Amazon to keep your data safe.

Showcase Workshop is hosted in Amazon AWS and provides the same levels of security and durability which Amazon provides. Showcase servers are managed in EC2 and data is stored using both Amazon RDS and Amazon S3. Backup copies of your data are stored in Amazon regions to safeguard against data loss situations in the unlikely event they occur.

All access to the Showcase Workshop is secure over SSL to protect your data and prevent unauthorized access.

Every request made to Showcase (from both the Showcase Workshop or the Showcase iPad client) is authorized, checked against the workshop account, next against user roles, and finally fine-grained data access rules are applied to ensure the user has access to the resources they are querying. No user can access or update data if they do not have privileges to do so.

You can find out more about our security practices in our Platform Security Guide.