All pricing plans include:

Pricing for small businesses

Small Business

  • 1-50 users
  • $20 each*

Free trial, pay nothing until you’re ready

No setup fees or contracts

Free upgrades

Fast email support – all emails answered within 24 hours

Access anywhere online

Pay monthly by credit card**

Cancel online at any time

Unlimited Showcase presentations

Secure data storage up to 1,000GB

Telephone support available for a monthly supplement

**Invoices can be issued for annual payments

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Pricing for medium businesses

Medium Business

  • 51+ users
  • $15 each*

Everything in Small Business +

Access to our beta program for new features

Access to free, customised training for your Administrators

Pay by monthly invoice instead of credit card

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Pricing for enterprise


  • 101+ users
  • $10 each*

Everything in Medium Business +

Free telephone support

Bespoke Terms of Use, if required

Unlimited free users beyond 445 users: a billing cap applies at $6200 per month + tax, at this point you can add as many users as you like for no additional monthly fee

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Showcase pricing is cumulative. Users 1-50 always cost $20 + tax. Users 51-100 always cost $15 + tax. Users 101+ always cost $10 + tax. A billing cap applies at $6200 per month + tax.

* + tax where applicable